Are you a Navy SEAL trapped in the body of a cubicle-bound insurance salesman? Do you watch commando documentaries and think to yourself, "shit, I could do that"? Maybe you even drive a Hummer. Well, Texas of all places has just the weekend activity for you: Hunting feral hogs with night vision goggles and assorted tactical military gear! You can play war with other grown-ups and and walk away with an actual body count.

The Wall Street Journal reports on the hottest Ted Nugent-approved trend since draft dodging:

Tactical Hog Control, started in 2009 by Texas ranchers Clark Osborne and Mr. Dreher, is among a handful of next-generation outfitters across the South offering a new style of hog hunting designed to appeal to hunters' inner commando. Each client on a nocturnal hunt with the two men suits up with roughly $40,000 of military-grade gear, including semiautomatic rifles like the DPMS AR-10. The men prowl bumpy pastures and farmland in off-road vehicles bristling with gun racks and infrared headlights.

A six-hour hunt with Tactical Hog Control will set you back $500. That might sound like a lot of money, but just think of the war stories you can tell back home.