Maybe you were out enjoying the summer weather all week and couldn't check your favorite Gawker Media sites. Or maybe you're leaving town for the weekend and want one last distraction before you hit the road. Well, whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the most amusing and entertaining videos we watched during the week that was.

This Optical Illusion Is Melting My Brain

Two tiles, seemingly different colors from one angle, are actually the same color in different lighting. I don't get it at all. What's the trickery here? View »

This is Definitely the First Real DOTA 2 Trailer

Were those real DOTA 2 screenshots we saw earlier today? Maybe. Is this a real trailer for the game, released by Valve today? Definitely. DOTA 2: Valve's most Blizzardy game ever? View »

Watch Anderson Cooper Lose It on Live TV

Before signing off each night, Anderson Cooper concludes AC360 with a segment called the "Ridiculist," during which he snarks on bits of pop culture. Tonight, one of Cooper's own potty jokes caused him to fall into a minute-long, out-of-control giggle fit on live TV. View »

Alabama Sorority Recruitment Video Is The Rebecca Black Of Sorority Recruitment Videos

The Panhellenic executive council at the University of Alabama have put together this fun little video in hopes of convincing incoming freshmen to "Go Greek." How bad is it? It's the Rebecca Black of Panhellenic recruitment videos. View »

Watch this moron try to stop a runaway truck with his feet

A 24-year-old man from Detroit tried to do his best Fred Flintstone impersonation by using his feet to stop his runaway pickup truck with faulty brakes, causing multiple collisions. Police say he exhibited "moronic decision making." You don't say. View »

Video: A Clown's-Eye View Of This Weekend's Gathering Of The Juggalos (NSFW)

Animal New York's Bucky Turco joined me at the 12th annual Gathering this past weekend. He fearlessly tracked down the most wretched photographs and videos to be found at the campground. View »

Bachmann Dodges Questions About Gay Rights

What is Michele Bachmann running for, again? "I'm running for the presidency of the United States," she helpfully clarified to Meet the Press host David Gregory on Sunday morning before dodging questions about how she's a crazy bigot. View »

The Batwing from Dark Knight Rises Takes Out Some City Property

We've seen the new Batmobile, and we've even seen the gnarly Batwing, but have we seen the Batwing accidentally breaking some shit in Pittsburgh? Nope. View »

Here's Emma Stone Singing For The Chance To Be A Partridge In 2004

Well, well, well — now we know that Emma Stone didn't just magically burst onto the scene during the filming of Superbad, all calm, cool, and collected. View »

Can You Handle the Boobs? The 3D? The Insanity?

When Half-Minute Hero designer Kenichiro Takaki set out to create a 3DS game, there was one thing he wanted to see. Make that two. Boobs. And that's pretty much what you get with boobs-and-ninja game Senran Kagura! View »

Anne Hathaway Performs Anti-Paparazzi Rap Song on Conan

On Conan tonight, Anne Hathaway said she almost reached her breaking point while filming The Dark Knight Rises because of the aggressive paparazzi, but coped with the stress by writing a nasty rap song about them. And then she performed it. View »

Here's Video Of The Georgetown-China On-Court Fight

The Hoyas are out in China for a four-game swing, and it's all supposed to be about fun and friendship and learning about each other's cultures. Not crooked refs and thrown chairs and Sino-American relations reverting to pre-Nixon levels. View »

Dodge Charger frees rubber from tire bondage

If you can't see a car 20 seconds into a burnout you know the burnout is being completed with most excellent rightness. Or as Chris Harris eloquently expressed: "because muscle car." View »

This Is What Life Looks Like When You're Two-Years-Old

A curious father strapped a GoPro camera onto his daughter's head to see what her life was like. Unsurprisingly, it was completely random, sometimes shrieky, borderline drunk, mostly unbalanced but oh so incredibly fun. View »

Take a Tour of Donald Trump's Horribly Gaudy New Jet

Donald Trump bought himself a gold-plated 757 so that he can cruise around the country and pretend like he's running for president in a desperate attempt to remain in the spotlight. Here's a video tour. View »

Hysteria Trailer: The History Of The Vibrator

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy, and Rupert Everett star in Hysteria, a movie set in Victorian London. More interestingly, it's about the invention of the vibrator. View »

Holy Moly 2. Battlefield 3's New 64-Player Trailer Looks Lovely

The motion picture beats the still image again. Sure, today's new Battlefield 3 screenshots were impressive. But this trailer, showing a 64-player battle in the game's Caspian Sea level, looks better. Way better. View »

Our Five Favorite Funny Athlete Movie/TV Appearances

Plenty of athletes are funny. But these are our Top 5 performances by athletes being funny on purpose in a movie or TV show. View »

Christine O'Donnell Walks Out of Piers Morgan Tonight Interview

Onetime Senate candidate and current memoir-hawker Christine O'Donnell taped an interview with Piers Morgan this afternoon. It didn't go as expected, though. View »

This Is What 40,000 Watts of Bass Does to Your Head

The next time someone complains about the volume of your music, point them to this video. They'll realize it could be a lot worse—at least their hair isn't flying all over the place in a atomic shockwave mess. View »

Watch the most notable pace car disasters in history

This eight minute video is a mixture of pace car and safety car disasters from all over the world of motorsports. As you can see, the cars that are supposed to keep everyone on the track safe sometimes do the opposite. View »

Lady Gaga Makes Out With Herself, Turns Into A Mermaid In 'Yoü And I' Video

The weirdness in Lady Gaga's new music video doesn't end at the umlaut, and that's a good thing. From Gaga's makeout session with her male alter ego to her mermaid alter ego fornicating with a sexy scientist in a torture chamber, "Yoü And I" rocks. View »

Vicious Girl Fight Takes Over Entire NYC Subway Car

We learned last week how annoying it can be when people take over an entire New York City subway car to throw a party. But there are worse things in this world, as you'll see in this video of an all-girl brawl that erupted on the R train. View »

Do You Have Few Friends? This Trailer Is for You

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Portable is the portable version of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, which means "I have few friends" and follows a mixed Japanese/British boy at a Catholic school having a lonely time. View »

Good Morning America Willfully Misunderstands the Internet

Guys! The GMA crew discovered this crazy site called Damn You, Auto Correct, which chronicles 100% real instances of the iPhone autocorrecting what people wanted to text to something zany. Great! Except for the part where it's fake. View »

This Just Might Be The Worst Slide In Baseball History

This is from way back in July, but after being brought to our attention we'll do our part to make sure everybody in the world sees Graham Taylor hurl himself onto the plate like a sack of potatoes with MS that was just struck by lightning. View »

Jon Stewart Defends the Poor from Money-Grubbing Conservatives

A proposed tax rate increase for top earners would reduce the US deficit by $700 billion, but right-wing pundits on Fox News say it's "class warfare." They want to tax poor people instead! Where's Jon Stewart when you need him? Ah, there he is. View »