If we were a cop, we'd probably use our Taser sparingly—because sometimes Tasered people die or burst into flames, and that's just too much drama. So we'd definitely not go around Tasering people "just to see what happens," is what we're saying.

Former Gwinnett County police corporal Gary Miles, on the other hand, apparently sees the humor potential in Tasers that we somehow have overlooked, and holds—or at least held—a different view. Back in February 2009, Miles was hanging out at a Waffle House in Loganville, Georgia with some of his fellow officers when he decided to prank WaffleHaus waiter Daniel Wilson by Tasering him from behind. Pretty zany, right?

It's not clear from reports whether Miles and Wilson were friends, or even knew each other by name; what is clear is that Wilson did not enjoy being Tasered at all, and had Miles arrested. Because "Tasering people for fun" is not approved official policeman behavior, Miles resigned from his job (as did the two other officers at the scene) and was also indicted on charges of aggravated assault and violation of oath of office. After pleading no contest, he's been sentenced to a year of probation. He's also paid out some money to Wilson as part of a settlement.

Policing isn't for everyone.

[Journal-Constitution. Image via AP]