A 34-year-old Florida mom has been charged with child neglect after allegedly leaving her five-year-old—who still requires use of a stroller, for some reason?—to wait outside a Daytona Beach bar called Crooks Den "for 20 minutes" while she drank beers inside.

Sarah Cheek says she was only trying to get a job at the bar, which sounds like a noble goal. However, patrons say they saw her drink two beers while her little daughter sat outside in the rain all alone, at 10 PM, in her stroller that we perhaps judgmentally don't believe she should need anymore (unless she's got a disability of some sort), waiting for her mom. Cheek had reportedly asked some of the other folks at the bar to watch the kid for her, but they were disturbed by the all the rain and the abandonment going on and called the cops instead.

According to a concerned Crooks customer, Cheek had told her daughter that she "was going inside to get her a candy bar." But as any kid knows, when your parents tell you that they're going some place to get you a candy bar that means they're actually going some place to get drunk. Or never coming back at all, as personal experience taught us many years ago. [WFTV. Image viaCF News 13]