On his CNN show last week, Anderson Cooper fell into a minute-long fit of giggles on live TV over a lame potty joke. The video of Cooper losing it on air quickly went viral and turned into fodder for Stephen Colbert on the following night's episode of The Colbert Report.

But Colbert is no stranger to on-air laughing fits. Click through for a compilation of some of Colbert's giggliest moments, along with 15 other favorite laughing fits on live TV. Next »


Colbert may have mocked Anderson Cooper for his laughing attack last week, but he's been there himself, as you can see in this collection of clips.


In this clip, Matt Lauer has trouble keeping his composure while discussing package sizes on Today.

On the Australian version of Today, anchor Karl Stefanovic's "long stabby thing" proves too much to handle.

It's not just sex that makes news anchors crack up. Fart stories work, as well.

As do stories about gas mains.

Gas grills, too.

Here, Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski is reduced to tears over... a Dick Cheney joke?

Hey, speaking of blondes with short hair! The Daily Buzz's Andrea Jackson loses it after reading a lame joke about the death of the guy who wrote the Gilligan's Island theme song. And this isn't even her best breakdown!

Because this is Andrea Jackson's best breakdown.

Here, New Zealander and former Breakfast host Paul Henry breaks down about... well, we're not really sure.

Not sure what brought this one on, either, though it doesn't take away from the entertainment value.

You know what's funnier than watching a model fall down twice on the runway? Watching Jim Vance laugh hysterically at video of a model falling down twice on the runway.

HSN's Colleen Lopez would say hi to your dog if she wasn't too busy trying to catch her breath.

Murder is funny!

As is any other type of morbidity.

Aaaaand Megyn Kelly. The end.