This A-List stud showers so rarely he stinks up the entire movie set. This director likes to bust up marriages, this actor and soap star are both on the juice, and this Twilight actress charges for her company. At $50,000 a night, you better hope she bathes first!

1. "Which hunky A-list superstar is emitting a foul body odor on the set of his latest film? The crew tears up when he walks on set because he showers so infrequently." [P6]

2. "What A list movie director who directs everything from child fare to the extreme keeps a checklist of the number of marriages including his own that he has busted by sleeping with women." [CDaN]

3. "This reality star turned celebrity turned lead actor in really bad movies should really stop juicing up. Apparently when he made the moves on his much younger co-star (who is an incredible foreign born actress you have never heard of but has terrible taste in guys) he was unable to go from six to midnight. He blamed being tired, but it is because of the roids. They tried again the next day but still nothing." [CDaN]

4. "Which soap opera star is using growth hormones and other supplements that are turning him a weird shade of yellow?" [P6]

5. "This Twilight actress has not been getting the kind of dollar offers for roles she likes but has found a new way to make money. It seems that wealthy guys are very interested in spending time with her as her vampire character. She is happy to do so and will hang out with you for an entire night for $50K. Seems steep." [CDaN]

6. "What Academy Award winner/nominee actor was asked the other night about a co-star in one of his movies. 'I acted with him but I cant stand being around (the n word).'" [CDaN]

7. "Which crooner is such a sap that he begs people to spend time with him? He's often at the gym working out alone or at home writing even more mawkish lyrics." [P6]

8. "Which hip-hop star is spending his time sitting at a corner table at nightclubs to see how the youth are responding to his music because he's scared he is getting old and out of touch?" [P6]