The Isle of Wight, a popular British beach destination, is about to open a third prison. Once that happens, the Isle will house 1,500 inmates, almost all of whom are convicted sex offenders. What says rest and relaxation more than prisons teeming with pedophiles and rapists?

A prison source is worried that the Isle will be ruined when all of the prisoners are released and they just hang around the Isle manning the cotton candy machines and Whack-A-Mole booths, grinning their crooked grins and leering their wretched leers. That will be even worse than the unruly concertgoers who piss and puke and soil themselves at the Isle of Wight festival every year.

Still the best part of this whole article is the "Related Articles" box below the piece which features a link to a story titled "Isle of Wight Is the Place to Go This Summer." Let's hope they mean on a day trip, not a 20-year sentence.

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