In your blockbuster Monday media column: Katie Couric's new show will knock your Couric off, local TV news is winning, reporters are trapped in Libya, a September issue preview, and News Corp is besieged by powerful enemies.

  • Stop the presses, stop the teevee news, stop the internet, stop everything: Katie Couric has revealed the name of her upcoming daytime TV talk show. OMG. Will it be "What Better Way to Pass the Day Than an Idle Chat and a Pretty Hat: Spending Time in HappyLand Doesn't Make You a Victim of Perk-umstance," as we were hoping? Okay let's see wait here it is here it is, the name is.... "Katie." Hmmmmmm. At first we were like "what" and then we were like "I don't know about that one" but then we were like "okay" and now we're like "I kinda like it cause her name is Katie also, just like the show."
  • Local TV news is doing pretty well these days! So well that some markets are adding 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. newscasts. How... useful! We attribute everything about local news to local news reporters being on the Twitter, all day.
  • Three dozen foreign journalists are reportedly trapped in Tripoli's Rixos Hotel as fighting between rebels and Gadhafi's troops continues. One CNN reporter tweets that gunmen are "refusing to let us leave." Unhand them!
  • Have you been anxiously speculating all month on what the September issue of WSJ Magazine would look like? Yes? Oh, you said "no." Well look, you're not the only person in this world. John Koblin has all of the vital stats here.
  • Analysts from one firm have downgraded their rating on News Corp based on their judgment that the "resolve of powerful personal enemies of the Murdochs" will end up hurting the company. Guess what, Rupert Murdoch is the "powerful personal enemy," of everyone.

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