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A woman from St. Louis has robbed a White Castle by rolling up to the drive-thru window and handing workers a note demanding the contents of the cash register. When they read the note and spotted what looked to be a gun in her hand, they locked themselves in a back office and called the police.

Meanwhile, the woman crawled into the drive-thru window, took the cash register drawer, and fled in her vehicle, dropping her weapon in the process. Turns out it was a fake.

Wait! There's more:

When police tracked the suspect down at her home in the 1900 block of Warren, the suspect reportedly climbed onto the roof and jumped three stories to the ground below.

This crazy lady loves climbing through windows almost as much as she loves little steamed hamburgers! She's currently hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries and faces robbery charges. Girls. [stlouis.cbslocal.com, photo via Greg Foster Photography's Flickr]