Sure, we've all had the overwhelming urge, at times, to fill up our Jeep Cherokee with fireworks, drive to Washington, DC, and detonate those fireworks on the National Mall, in order to call for banking reform. How else will those fat cat politicians and banking regulators ever "get the message?" The important thing to remember, however, when you get drunk and put your Fireworks Banking Protest plan into action, is to keep it secret until the last possible second.

Glenn Neff (pictured) did not keep his plan sufficiently secret, and The Man got him in Maryland, before his Jeep could even reach the National Mall, for the FireBanking Patriotstravaganza. Ain't it always the way it goes?

Along with a large amount of fireworks, drug paraphernalia and alcohol found inside the Jeep, fire officials say the vehicle had been fitted with a turret and multiple tubes used to launch fireworks.

Glenn Neff is from Florida.

[ Photo: FB]