This leading lady got her face stretched so tight it's unbelievable. This star bought a new TV with the money he was going to give to charity, and this actress is hitting on married men. That will keep her young until it's time for a face lift.

1. "This very talented, multi-award-winning performer has long been the subject of comments about her unconventional looks. And it's more than a coincidence that, in most of her films, her leading man must proclaim their admiration of her beauty. She insists on it. And this is a girl who always gets her way. As the years have passed, it's been harder to compel people to provide her with constant reassurance of her physical beauty. So she recently went in for a full facelift. You'll see it soon enough as she has a new project coming out, and will likely be making the usual rounds of talk shows. Try not to let your jaw (or your nose, or your cheeks, or your "A") drop when you see her face. It's so smooth that it's not even funny." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This D List star, who was once B list on his TV show was asked to attend an event and give to a local charity that helps impoverished kids. He committed some money just so he wouldn't look bad, but at the last minute took the money and bought a big screen. He claimed he was sick and bowed out." [BuzzFoto]

3. "This former B list movie actress who is now beyond lucky to have a television show spent much of a recent party hitting on this very good looking B- television actor on a fading network show. Despite the fact he kept telling her he was married, she kept on flirting and hitting on him. She told him it did not bother her that he was married and was how she had landed her most recent television show." [CDaN]