In the same week that a Mets game was put on hold while center fielder Angel Pagan attended to a sudden and violent onslaught of loose stools, comes yet another unusual, game-disrupting incident in a Major League outfield: Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday had to withdraw from Monday night's game because a moth flew into his ear.

Luckily, Holliday must have already read our handy Gawker guide, What To Do When a Moth Crawls Inside Your Ear, because he stayed calm like a big boy and did not shit his pants. (Everyone who did not shit their pants in the outfield this week take one step forward. Not. So. Fast. Pagan.) A medical professional then pulled it out with a pair of tweezers.

As is always the case in these incidents, the moth was still very much alive after it came out of its nesting canal. Holliday kept it as a pet. [, screengrab via KPLR]