Today we learned that 30 Rock is the most referenced thing in New Yorkers' dating profiles, along with Arrested Development, It's Always Sunny, ice cream, wine and a few other things. What do those things say to a perspective suitor? One commenter explained.

From TedSez:


30 Rock
— "I'm a New Yorker!"

Arrested Development
— "I love to laugh, but only at stuff most of America doesn't get."

Always Sunny in Philadelphia
— "I mostly watch 'Family Guy,' but I don't want to seem childish."

Bob Dylan
— "I'm cool. And old!"

born and raised
— "I'm really a New Yorker!"

my iPhone
— "I'm relatively financially successful, and only kind of a nerd."


30 Rock
— "I'm a quirky creative woman New Yorker, like Liz Lemon, except I look more like Tina Fey, if you know what I mean."

True Blood
— "I wish you were a vampire! Not really! Okay, kind of."

Jay Z
— "I'm cool. In a kind-of-urban but still socially acceptable way."

obsessed with
— "I'm still a teenager at heart — you know you like that."

ice cream
— "It's cute if you're thin!"

— "I'm sophisticated! And I put out."

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