Comment of the Day: What Your Online Dating Profile Says About You

Today we learned that 30 Rock is the most referenced thing in New Yorkers' dating profiles, along with Arrested Development, It's Always Sunny, ice cream, wine and a few other things. What do those things say to a perspective suitor? One commenter explained.

From TedSez:


30 Rock
— "I'm a New Yorker!"

Arrested Development
— "I love to laugh, but only at stuff most of America doesn't get."

Always Sunny in Philadelphia
— "I mostly watch 'Family Guy,' but I don't want to seem childish."

Bob Dylan
— "I'm cool. And old!"

born and raised
— "I'm really a New Yorker!"

my iPhone
— "I'm relatively financially successful, and only kind of a nerd."


30 Rock
— "I'm a quirky creative woman New Yorker, like Liz Lemon, except I look more like Tina Fey, if you know what I mean."

True Blood
— "I wish you were a vampire! Not really! Okay, kind of."

Jay Z
— "I'm cool. In a kind-of-urban but still socially acceptable way."

obsessed with
— "I'm still a teenager at heart — you know you like that."

ice cream
— "It's cute if you're thin!"

— "I'm sophisticated! And I put out."

[Image via Shutterstock]