The big, scary, speed-popping, Harley-revving, Altamont-terrorizing crime syndicate known as the Hells Angels are angry — and you don't want to see them when they're angry. Because they'll call their lawyers! What they are angry about is this T-shirt, produced by L.A.-based Wildfox Couture, which bears the slogan "My Boyfriend s a Hells Angel."

According to their attorney, Fritz Clapp, the T-shirt is a crass and blatant attempt at "exploiting the fame" of the motorcycle gang, who have filed suit for copyright infringement against Wildfox and several other online retailers selling the shirt.

"Even the club itself does not put ‘Hells Angels' on shirts they sell to the general public," said Clapp.

This isn't the first such lawsuit from the Hells Angels. In 2010, they sued Alexander McQueen for putting their name and "death head" skull logo on everything from knuckle-duster rings to purses and pashminas. Eight days after the filing, they reached a settlement with McQueen, Saks Fifth Avenue and that required the retailers to destroy all of the merchandise — even Hells Angels pashminas and clutch purses that were already sold!

Like I said, these guys are scary. Don't mess with 'em. [, image via Wildfox]