"The entire grab was about three seconds, and constant pressure wasn't applied." That was Colorado Sheriff's Deputy Hassan M. Hassan, describing the nut-grabbing maneuver he recently deployed on 22-year-old suspect Samuel Fazio (pictured).

Hassan had arrived with a warrant for Fazio's arrest, who then made a break for it. That led to a wrestling match in the yard, during which Hassan stated that Fazio "struck him in the mouth with his elbow. causing a laceration to his lip." After multiple attempts to subdue Fazio, Hassan then "reached between Fazio's legs and grabbed his testicles until he stopped resisting and they were able to place him in handcuffs."

Considering they're tasing 7-year-olds now, I think this guy got away pretty easy with a couple bruised nads. But for an entertaining array of other man-on-the-street opinions, as well as a clearly green field reporter required to repeatedly utter the word "testicles" on live TV (which never failed to make me laugh), we suggest you watch this KJCT report. [kjct8, photo via Shutterstock.com, mugshot via Mesa County Detention Facility]