After having four children, thoughtful British lady Mandy Davies took stock of her brood, her age, and her family's finances, and underwent a sterilization procedure. So imagine how surprised she might have been to discover that she became pregnant anyway.

Surprised and totally ecstatic, right? Well:

When Mandy and husband David, 52, then found she was pregnant for a fifth time, she admitted she was 'devastated at first' and that it took 'quite a few weeks to come round to the idea'.

Mandy, who despite being sterilised gave birth to daughter Layla last Friday, said: 'I kept asking how could it have happened?'

Layla made her unexpected entrance into the world weighing 7lbs 2oz, a week before she had been due to be delivered by caesarean section.

Getting magic-pregnant, and then having to go under the knife as well? This poor woman. Not to mention that the Davies had gotten rid of all their baby clothes and equipment because Mama D's operation was supposed to obviate the need for those items; now that expensive little Layla has arrived, they have to replace all that stuff. They do not appear to be rich.

The Daily Mail reports that "All the heartache has now passed and Mandy is thrilled to be a mum again." And surely she is. But the picture of the Davies family doesn't really say "thrilled," does it? Consider the facial expression being worn by Papa Davies, who surely loves his new child yet seems to be expressing the sentiment, "aw heck." This poor guy.

Since Layla's birth Mr. Davies has undergone a vasectomy, so now both Davies are supposedly infertile. If God "blesses" these two with another magic baby, then it will be obvious once and for all that God does not really exist.

Special message for Layla: You better grow up to be the best-behaved and smartest kid in the world.

[Daily Mail. Image via Daily Mail]