We all express our altruism in different ways—it's part of what makes us human. Robert Johnson of Vero Beach, Florida likes to give back to his community by strolling along the beach while completely naked. It's what he calls "helping."

Unfortunately for Johnson, 57, some Vero Beach folks don't classify such activities as "helping." During one of his recent public service missions, he was arrested by local police officers who found him standing in a public showering area in front of a small group of people, "his genitalia 'plainly visible.'" Apparently a couple had reported Johnson to the cops after feeling more alarmed than comforted by his nudity.

When asked for his ID, Johnson told police, "You can't take me to jail for this, I'm just out here helping people." Then police took him to jail.

[UPI, images via Sun-Sentinel, Philgarlic via Flickr]