After getting into an argument with his girlfriend and leaving her house, 26-year-old David Bustos allegedly returned to Chez GF, entered the place (very quietly, one assumes), got out his electric hair clippers, and began cutting off her hair while she slept. That's pretty psycho.

Bustos, 26, reportedly used the clippers so forcefully that they "caused a small cut" on the victim's scalp. Perhaps this wounding is what caused her to wake up mid-cut. When she discovered what was happening she "immediately kicked [Bustos] off of her," which prompted our brave young amateur hairdresser to run away. Like a real tough guy. Probably even spat on the ground once or twice (not saliva, but pure testosterone).

Eventually sheriff's deputies caught up with Bustos at his home (it's in Florida...act surprised) and arrested him for domestic battery. For his mugshot he wore a self-satisfied smile, which is also a very psycho thing to do.

[Naples News, images via Naples News and ToddMorris/via Flickr]