This Oscar winner had a public meltdown because he couldn't remember where his phone was. This A-list actress put a social fatwa out on her rival's head. And this actress had a secret baby in her past. Yes, she does remember where she left it.

1. "Which iconic Oscar-winning actor/director may be suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's? The star recently had a meltdown at a Hollywood restaurant when he couldn't find his cell phone to call his wife. Turns out he had accidentally tossed the cell into the men's room toilet!" [Blind Gossip]

2. "This actress is on television and movies and has an easy name, but you would be hard pressed to place her or to come up with the names of any of her projects. She is in plenty of projects which include many kinds of media. Anyway, she was recently given a party in her honor. I know, like a real one, not some guys in a frat house saying, whoo hoo, lets watch videos of so and so and put her posters up on the wall while we sacrifice beer bottles in her honor. Anyway, when the organizers tried to get people to attend, for the most part everyone said no. Lots of creative excuses, but lots of no's. Organizers were completely baffled. This is an actress who has worked with a lot of people, how come no one says yes? Well, when they dug a little deeper, they discovered that this A- list movie actress spread the word that no one was to have anything to do with the other actress who we can call No Friends. The reason? No Friends has been a regular long-time (going back a couple of years) sex buddy of the A- list actress' significant other who is [it] pains me to say A- list movie and television actor. In fact, No Friends might be the cause of the recent rift between the couple." [CDaN]

3. "This B/C list film actress from a series spent a summer as a young girl in Europe and allegedly had a baby from a fling there. She gave the baby to the father's family. Ever since making her money in Hollywood, she has sent financial assistance to the family, under the strict instruction that child not know who the money was from." [BuzzFoto]

4. "This B list comedienne who has been in television and movies recently went off on a rant about Scientology in front of a group of people, not realizing that two belonged to the organization. When they started to challenge her on something, the comedienne had a light go off and asked if they were involved with it. They said yes and she told them to run for their lives and then walked away." [CDaN]

5. "Which blockbuster director is getting hate mail left on the front gate of his California mansion because of his proposed compound expansion? Neighbors are at war and forcing the sci-fi movie mogul to scratch his plans for a mini-film studio." [Blind Gossip]