Last week our nation's crack political investigators broke some big news: Mitt Romney was quadrupling the size of his La Jolla, California beach house. Quadrupling means "times four," did you know? Oh, campaign news is so cute. Without this story, we never would have known, or been able to determine from his mannerisms, that Mitt Romney was a rich person.

But alas, we now have some pushback on the issue from Romney himself. The truth is, he's merely doubling the (livable) size of his house that's located on some of the more expensive property in the country. From Joe McQuaid at the New Hampshire Union Leader:

Still, I asked him, why give the media and political foes raw meat right now by filing for permits to tear down a La Jolla, Calif., beach house and quadruple its size? That was the wire story we had run the day before, and it was all over the Internet.

It's not accurate, Romney said, simply. The application he made, two years ago, was to double the living space by turning one story into two. The "quadrupling'' was a measurement of added nonliving space, including a basement and garage.

That's it? He's just doubling the non-dungeon portions of his MittMansion, not quadrupling? In that case, no thank you. I'm not voting for anyone who's that poor. He's too out of touch with the working rich.

[Image via AP]