Sure, at one time or another we've all wanted to hurl our annoying child into to the violent sea's foamy maw, where no amount of petulant whining will save them from Poseidon's cold embrace. Particularly on one of those "sightseeing cruises." Ugh, have you been subjected to those? Talk about Supposedly Fun Things I'll Never Do Again, amirite? It's enough to make anyone cast their spawn into the deep. Still, you shouldn't.

[Orange County Sheriff's Department spokesman John] Amormino said [Sloan] Briles, his girlfriend and two sons from a previous marriage went on an afternoon cruise around Newport Harbor on a boat carrying 85 people. Briles argued with the girlfriend and then with his 7-year-old son before throwing the boy over, said Amormino, adding that the child was not an expert swimmer.

Especially not if the kid's not an expert swimmer.

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