Here's a trailer for Fireflies in the Garden, the long-delayed Dennis Lee drama-movie in which Willem Dafoe plays the difficult, domineering, abusive dad to bearded romance novelist Ryan Reynolds. After premiering at the Berlin International Film Festival all the way back in 2008—i.e., many many firefly life cycles ago—and waiting around in limbo due to the shutdown of its production company, the film's finally due to hit theaters on October 14.

The plot of this thing focuses on the strained relationship between Dafoe and Reynolds, which worsens over the years because Dafoe is a raging psycho-dad, and Reynolds is a sensitive creative. Their lives and relationship change when the family matriarch, played by Julia Roberts, dies in a car crash en route to a family reunion. She would have survived the accident had she not been too fussy about getting wrinkles in her reunion dress, which seems like a life lesson we should all take to heart. In the aftermath of the accident everyone ends up feeling guilty and anxious, but then various relationships start to mend. Highlights of the movie include the symbolic use of tablecloths and scenes of Reynolds spending time in a gigantic clothes closet and sweating in church. Which aren't very highlighty, if you think about it.

Yes, the Fireflies family members look so lackluster and unfun, just crying and yelling and flipping out the whole time. Though Roberts cracks a smile every now and then. Why does she have to be the one who dies? [YouTube]