The insufferable Bernard-Henri Lévy has a new piece of self-congratulatory garbage up on the Daily Beast, in which he pats himself on the back for personally liberating Libya from the clutches of Col. Muammar Qaddafi, because in BHL's world, the Other can't do shit without the white man. Okay, first let's give credit where credit is due: BHL keeps Nicolas Sarkozy's testicles in a glass jar on his desk, and he pushed the French president to act militarily on behalf of the rebels in Libya. But the headline for BHL's ode to himself says it all — 'Victorious Return to Libya'. Here, he arrives in Tripoli's Green Square to the delight of 6.5 million Libyans and feigns respect in his victory speech to the masses:

But either the news of the arrival of foreigners travels fast, or the excitement of the chebabs escorting us, who are also shooting bi-tube rounds in our honor, attracts attention; people start flooding into the square, more and more of them, brandishing their weapons toward the sky and joining in the scene.

I improvise a few words: "A great day…the beauty of the liberation of a city by its own…images of the liberation of Paris…Libya in your hands…no exactions, nor vengeance…."

The young people cry "Allah Akbar"—I reply, "Libya Hora."

They cheer for France, I salute the Libyan spring.

Then, because you never know if the crowd is actually made up of Fascislamists, BHL adds:

After about 20 minutes, the noise of the riffs of gunfire preventing us from hearing each other and a few, perhaps, finally recognizing a Frenchman whose demonized image they have seen in a loop on Gaddafi's broadcasts for months and taking out their cell phones to film him, our Libyan friends suggest we move.

Later on during his victory lap, BHL finds the "vandalized" remains of the French embassy (oh, the horror!) before returning to battle-scarred Misrata, '"my city," the one that has made me an honorary citizen."' There, he finds the time to reflect on his war, his victory.

BHL's forthcoming Libya War memoir is destined to be a classic.

[Image via AP]