A blogger and word-game enthusiast shares this photo of the Scrabble Grams published in their newspaper last Saturday. When unscrambled, the top two rows of tiles formed the words "leakage" and (it seems!) "butt sex." Scrabble Grams are now created by Justin Bieber.

"Frankly, I wasn't expecting to find a sex act in a family-oriented puzzle, just like I wouldn't expect Dolly and Jeffy to discuss fist-fucking in the latest Family Circus," writes the blogger. "But, no, it doesn't bother me. Times are changing, and I'm no puritan. It's just that—with BUTTSEX and then LEAKAGE—the subtext is crystal clear, and I don't need to read about somebody's HSITYT DCIK."

This wouldn't be the first time EUTTSXB has appeared in a Scrabble Gram; as Boing Boing reported, the same letter configuration appeared in a Hasbro-branded puzzle published by the Washington Post in January. Maybe Hasbro shared EUTTSXB with Tribune Media Services or sold (or gifted) it to the Chicago-based company, which syndicates the Scrabble Grams played by our blogger friend.

Also, maybe the salacious sex-puzzles are not intended to dirty our minds but to enlighten them to the ways of contemporary values-voter culture in the U.S.—which is based largely upon butt sex and coital fluids. In which case, what a clever way to educate people about American social conservatism! A few more puzzles along such lines:

It's true that EUTTSXB also forms the word "SUBTEXT."

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