Don't begrudge Aaron Levie his $113 million in venture capital. Sure, his startup sounds an awful lot like Dropbox. And, yes, he's only 26. But at least he's not some snot nosed 25-year-old tech exec. Those guys are the worst, according to Aaron Levie.

Levie's company targets business users, because that's where the money is — and because Levie understands the business world, unlike certain other people. "When you're 22 years old or 25 years old-the Y Combinator demographic-you have no context for the enterprise," Levie, 26, told Business Insider. "If you're in your early 20s and you're hanging out with a bunch of other people in their early 20s, nobody has a sense of the kinds of problems that 'real workers' run into every day. They're running into a completely different set of problems like 'what's the party going on right now that I should be going to?'"

Levie's experience as a "real worker" in the business world consists of a movie internship at Paramount (four months) and a movie internship at Miramax (three months). So just know there are some managers with real chops behind this so called "tech bubble."

[Photo of Levie via Fortune Live Media]