We told you earlier about Leroy Luetscher, the 86-year-old Arizona man who fell forward onto his pruning shears while gardening, sending the handle directly into his eye socket. Leroy, a short 24 hours later and looking barely worse for the wear, spoke to reporters about the ordeal.

"I can tell you I never had pain like this in my life," says Luetscher.

Yes, we can imagine, Leroy — what with these color photos of a rusty gardening implement lodged deep inside your head to back up your claims. In this press conference video, the doctors tasked with removing the shears explain how they saw their handle "resting on his carotid artery," after which they "carefully removed the instrument from his face." Amazingly, Leroy's eye was unharmed, and surgeons reconstructed his crushed eye socket with titanium implants. Hooray for miracles! (P.S. What's with all the freak, but ultimately harmless, impalements this summer?) [KVOA.com, screengrabs via KVOA]