The Mangyongbong, a ferry that was previously used to shuttle passengers between North Korea and Japan, is now North Korea's hot new tourist vessel. Yesterday was the Mangyongbong's maiden voyage as a pleasure craft, embarking on a tour of the country's eastern coastline, and North Korea's official KCNA has the details:

The tourists will enjoy the scenic view of the East Sea of Korea and climb the mountain.

It will take 4 nights and 5 days.

The tourism including both sea and land sightseeing, the first of its kind in Korea, is drawing deep interest of foreigners.

It will be fun.

Bon voyage.


[KCNA via Chosun Ilbo; images via AP]

This man looks absolutely thrilled to be there. [Image via AP]


The group in the back quickly lost interest. [Image via AP]

Fun! [Image via AP]

Wild times below deck. [Image via AP]

You can't go wrong with a buffet. [Image via AP]

[Image via AP]