We're going to come right out and say it: our urban neighborhoods are being overrun by minorities, and they're ruining everything. Bushwick? Full of minorities. Bed-Stuy? Infested. Even Harlem. All ruined by hordes of minorities. (White people.)

Congrats, nilla—you're a minority now! Assuming you live in the New York, Washington, Las Vegas, San Diego, or Memphis metropolitan regions. Which clearly not enough of you do, or you wouldn't have ceded your demographic dominance! You fools. These four regions have only slipped to white-minority status in the past decade, and they join 18 other US metropolitan regions (Houston! Los Angeles! Miami!) in which race relations have never been better due to the fact that white people are not the majority.

Please rest assured that Gawker Media, a minority-owned company, will not eschew its commitment to covering news important to the minority community.

[Photo of minority gathering: Amanda Hatfield/ Flickr]