It's pretty easy to spot German tourists in Las Vegas, as they're usually the ones in socks and sandals occupying the buffet lines at the Paris. But one recent German visitor to America's vice capital left with a bellyful of something else entirely: blow.

On August 17, a 43-year-old German citizen born in Nigeria was trying to hop a flight to London from the McCarran Airport in Vegas. Christopher Adiegwu's behavior had raised the suspicions of U.S. Customs Agents, who suspected he might be smuggling drugs. They found none on his person, but escorted him to a nearby hospital for X-rays. Sure enough, the X-rays indicated the presence of foreign objects in his upper digestive system. Laxatives were given, and Adiegwu proceeded to eliminate 81 plastic pellets filled with approximately 1.2 kilograms of cocaine.

This is how I like to imagine that scene played out:

*plink* *plink* *plink* [pause] *plink*

DEA Agent: That it?

Adiegwu: Nein.

*plink* *plink* [pause] *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink* *plink*

DEA Agent: Done?

Adiegwu: Nein.


Adiegwu: Ja

Adiegwu was charged in a criminal indictment filed Tuesday. If convicted of the federal charges for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, Adiegwu is looking at five to 40 years and a $5 million fine. That's a lot to swallow. [ktnv, image via Shutterstock]