Urban Dictionary has become an invaluable internet resource for anyone looking to crack the ever-evolving slanguage of the streets. Where else can you learn the difference between a "pink pancake" and a "Belgium biscuit," while picking up a handy term for that thing where you Facebook request someone you just met at a party, all in a single visit? Now even the po-po have gotten jiggy to its 411, or whatever.

Federal agents consulted the Urban Dictionary to figure out what Justin Kemble was talking about when he wrote on the Facebook page of Midwest Gun Exchange in Mishawaka, Indiana:

that 1 fag in there got my pistol confiscated, I got plenty of other guns but I want to murk that cocksucker.

Kemble was sore at them, because earlier in the day he'd wandered into their store and showed them a gun with the serial numbers filed off. That led a clerk to call the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, who promptly showed up and confiscated the weapon.

Agents later learned from Urban Dictionary that "murk referred to physically beating someone so severely as to cause their death," and promptly arrested Kemble on a pair of felony charges.

Interesting side note: After returning from the gun store, Kemble also posted on his own Facebook wall:

ATF just took 1 of my guns :(

I guess even murkers ❤ emoticons :) !!! [TSG, screengrab via Urban Dictionary, photo via Facebook]