"Are tiny plastic toiletries on their way out?" asks AngelPulitzer-winning newspaper USA Today. I certainly hope that the answer is "no." Let's see... the answer is "yes." Drat.

The USA Today lady says that hotels across America are replacing the tiny little bottles of shampoo that you steal with big, full size refillable bottles of shampoo... that you steal?

When guests leave, the pump bottles are refilled so nothing is thrown out, reducing the hotel's waste. Most importantly, guests like them, Halliday says. In terms of direct costs, the large-bottle system's about the same as the cost of supplying bathrooms with mini-bottles, he says. If someone takes a bottle home with them, they should pay $25, but it's not always enforced - another trend among most (but not all) of these hotels.

Tiny free bottles for you to steal are being replaced with big bottles that you can (probably) steal. Thank you, American hoteliers! And thank you too, hotel-insider newspaper USA Today, for this as well as for your always stellar coverage of Jesus ghosts.

[Photo: Carrie Scarr/ Flickr]