The rumor-plagued actress has kept working despite, and it's slowly paying off. Also today: bad news for Dionne fans, good news for Big C fans, and the strange popularity of Grey's Anatomy.

  • It wasn't long ago that Anne Heche was being called a fake lesbian and wandering down the side of the highway claiming to be a space deity named Celestia. She got a lot of attention for that stuff, which is too bad, because really she's one of our best working actors (remember how good she was in Donnie Brasco?). So it's been good to see her recently on Hung and doin completely appealing work in the charming movie Cedar Rapids. And it's good to hear today that she's been cast in a TNT original movie called Silent Witness, part of the network's mystery movie series. Sure it's just a cable MOW, but still! Anne Heche is steadily working these days and it's a good thing, because she is a good thing. I mean, cut her some slack. We've all had questionable relationships. And we've certainly all stumbled up to strangers' houses babbling about how we are aliens. It just happens sometimes! Anyway, good for you Anne. [THR]
  • Fans of Clueless will bow their heads sadly at this news. Stacey Dash, better known as Dionne Davenport, has left her popular VH1 show Single Ladies, saying she needs to be closer to her kids, who live in LA (the show is shot in Atlanta). Well bum to that! I didn't watch the show, to be honest, but it was at least nice knowing that she was off employed somewhere. Y'know? Like those actors who you just want to be employed, even if you're not going to watch what they're doing? "Oh, what's Nora Dunn up to? Is she working? A movie or two? Great, great." In the same way that it's nice knowing that Anne Heche is doing something over on Hung, even though I don't really watch that. That show satisfies that with Jane Adams, too! Thanks, Hung! And boo to you, Atlanta or VH1 or whoever made Stacey Dash quit her show. Now I have to start worrying about her again. Clearly I lead a fulfilling and active personal life! Clearly! [EW]
  • Speaking of actors we like to know are working, the cast of Greek has been trying to figure out what they're doing now that that show is over, and look who finally got a job: Cappie! Yes, shaggy puppy Scott Michael Foster has landed a talent deal with ABC that leaves him available to audition for pilots next season and also has him recurring on the upcoming Amazonian horror-thriller show The River. Good for Cappie! Now if we can just get... basically everyone else from the cast taken care off, I can breathe a sigh of relief. (Do you know how often I still check in on Buffy cast members' IMDb pages? It's sad.) [Deadline]
  • Important scientists have undertaken the important scientific effort to find out which show was Tivo'd the most from 2007 to now and after years of backbreaking research, they have discovered the answer. It is Grey's Anatomy. That's not surprising, I guess, but man I never got it with this show, never ever. All the dopey faux-thoughtful voiceover, the aggressively snappy banter, all the dreams and steams and creams (was there a Dr. McCreamy? There must have been by now). It's just all too much. But not for a lot of you, apparently. Other popular DVR shows were American Idol, Desperate Housewives, Nova, Al Jazeera English's People & Power, House, The Office, and The Robin Byrd Show. (Kidding on a few of those. Guess which ones!) [EW]
  • Showtime has renewed their exhausting quirkfest The Big C for a third season. Urgh, really? I liked the first season, but this current season has been so awful — pointlessly "oddball" for oddballness's sake and everyone's a horrible jerk to each other all the time. Oh, and a gay guy having the "Maybe I'm curious..." talk/grope with a woman! Just not good. Obviously the actors on it are all good (well, not all, sorry Gabourey), but the show is just... not. Oh well. Second seasons can be rough! Here's to a better third season (that's completely fundamentally different from this season, because good heavens it's bad.) [TV Line]

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