Today we heard that Google and Fox News are teaming up to put on a Republican presidential candidate debate, which will feature questions submitted by online users. Yikes! That can't go well, fears one commenter.

From That Being Said:

Wait... they're going to do live questions based on internet polls?

... why do I smell the biggest /b/ troll of all time?

Moderator - "Well apparently the #1 question in the country is 'U Mad Bro?'. Congresswoman Bachmann get the question."

Bachmann - "Umm... I guess I am... I'm mad at Barack Obama for raising the debt ceiling and not creating jobs!"

Moderator - "Thank you Mrs. Bachmann. It looks like the next most popular question is 'Tits or GTFO!'. Question goes to you Mr. Gingrich."

Gingrich - "Well I guess... if that's what the American public wants?" *starts unbuttoning his shirt*


[Photo via Getty]