Are you ready for the ultimate team challenge? Then join us in the comments as we group-create a live blog of tonight's Project Runway episode. In this challenge, everyone's on the same team, and everyone's a winner!

You'll have zero dollars to complete this challenge. You and your teammates (all of us) will have 90 minutes to watch the show and post as many witty, profound or silly things as you can in the comments section below this post, before that awful Dance Moms show comes on and most of us change the channel. The winners (all of us) will get a full-comment-section spread in a popular website, so we can all do it again next week.

So that's how teamwork works in this live blog. As for how it works in the fashion business, we got a good lesson in that from the judges last week, who heaped praise and immunity on Josh "Eyebrows" McKinley for a challenge in which he didn't actually create the winning look, and spent most of his time verbally abusing one of his teammates. But the important thing about Josh's suddenly inexplicably bitchy behavior is that it finally gave us an actual villain to root against this season. He's no Gretchen, but he'll do.

Speaking of last week's live blog, here are a few of my favorite comments from that one:

  • BobbleTimGunn: The last time any of these designers had a run, it was in their stockings.
  • bread_and_potatoes: "Leggings are as over as that HP Touchpad you're using."
  • Brian Moylan: Why did they have to drag Uncle Fester back from hell?
  • Professor Pink: "How can you call me dowdy? I have blue in my hair!"
  • scouts honor: Someone needs to send Danielle to Chiffon Anonymous—otherwise known as ChiffonAnon.
  • ShanghaiLil: I'm not getting all the Bert love. Unless you guys are talking about Ernie's boyfriend … then I totally get it.

If those weren't enough, I've collected a few more.

So what's in store on tonight episode? Here are a few things to watch for as we live blog:

  • Children will show up and paint! They may want to steer clear of Grumpy Old Burt, who'll probably want to shout at them to get a job and stay the hell off his lawn.
  • Josh C. will fret: "I just don't want to blow it again." Insert your own "straight Josh doesn't want to blow it" joke here.
  • Tim Gunn will tell a dejected-looking Olivier that gluing clothes onto the model's body is against the rules. So it looks like Sprockets will need a Plan B … Sticky Tack, perhaps?
  • Tonight's guest judges will include footwear mogul and tweeter of tasteless inanities Kenneth Cole, and Marie Claire senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi—the third member of that magazine's masthead to serve as a judge this season. Maybe Marie Claire's circulation director will be next?

OK, teammates, it's time to get this group-chatting challenge started. Remember, in this live blog, gluing things onto your own body is not against the rules, so if you want to self-adhere a false mustache or pasties or fake Hobbit feet or whatever you want, feel free. Just try not to pass out from the glue fumes—at least, not before Dance Moms comes on.