Maybe you were swamped at work all week and couldn't check your favorite Gawker Media sites. Or maybe you're stuck at your parents' house for the holiday weekend and need a distraction. Whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the most amusing and entertaining videos we watched during the week that was.

Jaw-Dropping Super Slow-Motion Footage of the World's Scariest Wave

Tahiti is home not only to a million resorts, but also to the deadliest wave in the world. Known as "The End of the Road", it is the stuff of hydraulic nightmares, and this new footage is absolutely jaw-dropping. View »

Mario Veering Around Seattle. What, Is He Drunk?

Some dude named Mike S. decided to take a video showing how a traffic-free Seattle commute looked. And added some Mario Kart.
You see Mario veer around the freeway, as if he's had a few too many. View »

The 10 Best Videos of Reporters Being Blown Away by Hurricanes

With just hours left before Irene pummels New York City, we can all agree on one thing: hurricanes aren't funny. But you know what is funny? Reporters falling down in them! View »

This is what it's like to be shot at with an AK-47

Trent Kimball, CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC), was tired of customers asking if his company's bullet-resistant glass in its armored cars actually resisted bullets. View »

Gael Monfils Took The Tennis Trick Shot To A New Level Today

Monfils and Juan Carlos Ferrero are currently deadlocked in the second round at the U.S. Open. Monfils, though, got the psychological (and bullshit) advantage with this trick shot early on. View »

4-Year-Old Wears Fake Tits & Ass For Pageant Routine

We've seen children tortured, over-indulged, and sexualized on Toddlers & Tiaras, but last night's episode was the first time we've seen a little girl wear enhancements to actually make her look like a grown woman. View »

Watch Justin Bieber Taunt Girls With His Snake: 'It's Gonna Get Big'

At last night's MTV VMAs, Justin Bieber debuted his new pet, a flesh-colored snake named Johnson. Is this standard-issue horny boy juvenilia, or has Bieber taken a turn for the Jacko? View »

Startling Video Shows the Dramatic Effect of Humans on Earth

Anthropologist and Gizmodo friend Félix Pharand is mapping the effect of humans on planet Earth. His latest video-which shows cities, transmission lines, pipelines, roads and railways with amazing detail-is simply spectacular. View »

BioShock Infinite's Actors Berated Each Other to the Point of Tears to Get the Scene

At PAX 2011 today, Irrational Games and the two lead actors in BioShock: Infinite gave us another good look at what goes into the voice acting of parts in a virtual medium that View »

The closest call between a motorcycle and an SUV you'll ever see

Talk about a pucker-implosion moment. Feature writer Loz Blain recorded this terrifying footage documenting a split-second, near run-in with an SUV as it was encroaching into his lane. View »

Did Lady Gaga Jump the Shark at the VMAs?

When Lady Gaga opened the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards with a monologue/performance as her male alter ego Jo Calderone, the reaction was generally positive. But then... View »

So This Is What A Brawl In An Emergency Room Waiting Room Looks Like

Right about the time you think that this spectacle in an unnamed hospital's waiting room is over (about 2:15 in), the hair and wifebeater-yanking commences. View »

Puppies Get Hitched In 1956 Pekingese Dog Wedding Ceremony

British Pathé, a vintage archive of old films from the UK, has been uploading fanciful little clips from times of yore - and the following is no different. View »

Watch People Get Flung Hundreds of Feet by a Human Slingshot Slip and Slide

If I could do one thing before the summer was over, I'd want to set up a giant slingshot anchored to a truck and drawn by an off-road vehicle that hurled me down a humongous slip and slide, careening wildly into a lake. View »

100 Years, 100 Seconds, 100 Goddamn Costume Changes

There's a lot to like about this very well-done promo video for a soon-to-open East London shopping, hrm, "centre" besides the fashion, much of which still looks very snappy, if not entirely accurate. View »

Trying to Hit the Cowboys' Jumbo Jumbotron with a Punt in Madden NFL 12

This has been an obsession of mine ever since Cowboys Stadium appeared in Madden NFL 10-hit the Jerrytron, the arena's massive scoreboard, with a punt. View »

The world's most astonishing illegal street race

Illegal street racing is a dangerous hobby that puts participants, spectators and innocent passers-by at risk. Which is what makes Sweden's Stockholm Open all the more astonishing. View »

When Pole Vaulting Goes Wrong

In pole vaulting, the eponymous pole is designed to bend, not break. Sometimes it does both, as you'll see in this video from the the IAAF World Championships in Daegu, South Korea. View »

Surveillance Camera Catches Cop Having Sex on the Hood of a Car

Here's a local news report that features photos, obtained from a surveillance camera, of a uniformed New Mexico State Police officer using the hood of a car to give one woman a full cavity search, if you catch my drift. View »

She's in a Cowboy Hat and a Bikini. There are Monsters!

Did I mention the goggles? There are goggles, too. Hack-and-slash series Onechanbara is returning to the Xbox 360 with Onechanbara Z: Kagura. This is the game's debut trailer. View »

Could Your Smile Predict How Happy And Successful You'll Be?

Run Gutman explains the science of smiling at TED talk "The Hidden Power Of Smiling" with a kind of energy and whimsy that actually made me smile and thus, will probably also make me super happy and successful in the long run. View »

We Surf With Fire Now

Some surfers reach great heights. Some stay up for great distances. And some, as of just very recently, attach freaking flares to the back of their boards in a fiery cataclysm of curl. View »

College Student Schools Rick Santorum on His Ludicrous Gay Marriage Position

Sure, Dan Savage rebranded Rick Santorum's name to mean a piece of shit, but here is the right-wing candidate for the Republican presidential nomination behaving like one while discussing his stance on gay marriage at Penn State. View »

Fine, Here's The Weather Channel Real-Dong Videobomb (NSFW)

Here's to you, Virginia Beach bros, dreaming the dream. For the record, a lot of you tipsters took the time to rewind and record this momentous occasion. View »

Off-road Impreza goes for the tow of its life

A Subaru Impreza owner attempted to race down a challenging rocky path, only to discover you can't actually drive a lightly, spray-paint modified as if it were a Jeep. View »

You Can Dance If You Want To in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is all about choice, and that includes the choice to dance. Will you dance, and leave their friends behind? What if they don't dance? View »

Kim Kardashian's Debut Music Video Is as Bad as You Expected It Would Be

We commented on how bad Kim Kardashian's first single was when she debuted "Jam (Turn It Up)" in March. The auto-tuned musical trainwreck was was supposed to have an accompanying music video, but it was never released. Now we know why. View »