Despite threatening to cancel her scheduled appearance at today's "Restoring America" Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa, our honorable Christian soldier Sarah Palin decided to show up after all. Not many other people did, though.

And what did everyone miss? Oh, just a line about how "usually polls are for strippers and cross country skiers," and some lies about keeping things "classy," and still no presidential campaign announcement. Not much, in other words.


Photographic evidences suggest that at least 30 percent of rally attendees were cardboard-cutout Sarah Palins. There were no reported sightings of any Christine O'Donnell cutouts, because the Palin cutouts had murdered them all days in advance. [Image via Getty]

[Image via Getty]


[Image via Getty]

Paper Palin. [Image via Getty]

The hobbits also showed up. [Image via Getty]

This man's wearing either a patriot cap or some kind of salad bowl on his head. [Image via Getty]