Before she was Tiger Woods' mistress and a member of Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab harem, Rachel Uchitel was the 9/11 widow featured in an iconic Associated Press photograph that appeared on frontpages of newspapers the world around. As the ten-year anniversary of her former fiance's death approaches, Uchitel reflects on her loss:

I'm almost happy it ended the way it did because I've learned so many lessons from him. It would have been tragic if we got into fights and then divorced.

The sentiment probably comforts his parents, too. "Our son is dead, but at least he finally stopped leaving his socks on the floor, which always annoyed his future prostitute fiance Rachel Uchitel. Better send a 'thank you' note to Al Qaeda." [NYPost, Images via Getty and AP]

Update 1: Rachel strikes back on Twitter: "The NY Post Article today is COMPLETELY out of context and its horrifying how MEAN some media chooses to be to me even relating to 9/11. The NY Post 'journalists' are abusing the power they have by molding words and shaping how readers perceive people. This should be stopped." Meanwhile, other sources quote Rachel noting that, if her fiance hadn't died, she'd be a "fat housewife" by now. Fat good or fat bad, though? That is the question.

Update 2: Uchitel is reportedly preparing to sue Page Six magazine for "misquoting" her.