Want to be a teacher? Found out recently that you have to go to "college" to be a teacher? Upset at the high price of college? Looking for the cheapest possible way to be a teacher? Groupon!

Groupon is now selling a 57% off coupon for an Intro to Teaching course at "National Louis University," an actual real college created to commemorate the moment that the St. Louis Browns joined the National League in 1934. Only four days left to buy! Two have already been sold! Act post-haste or be left behind!

"There are all kinds of factors in the K-12 world that are really discouraging teachers and people seeking teaching degrees," Zivin said. "We'd like (potential students) to understand what the realities are, whether you are committed to this profession ... and see if you have what it takes."

The reality is... look how happy that girl in the picture is. Buy now! Think of what a great story you'll have to tell your students at your failing school one day: "Your teacher comes from Groupon."

American educational system! Open to all!

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