The Georgia Supreme Court has removed Catoosa County magistrate Anthony Peters from his position and banned him from ever returning to the bench in Georgia. His "crime?" After his father died and he had an auto accident in 2005, he started taking large quantities of pain medication and acting erratically. That could happen to anyone, you monsters.

To be fair, Peters also kicked down two doors at someone's house for no apparent reason, started discussing suicide, was removed from the courthouse in handcuffs after an argument, "shaved his head and eyebrows," admitted smoking weed on a weekly basis, and "pointed a gun at himself at the courthouse and told another judge: "'I am not scared. Are you?'" Oh, and also:

He accused [a fellow magistrate] of misconduct on a local talk show, called him "spineless" and revealed the identity of a confidential informant to the show's viewers. A day later, he phoned the same show and tried to disguise his voice with a range of bewildering phony accents. After his cover was blown - caller ID gave him away - Peters lashed out at the county sheriff, calling him a "spineless jelly spine."

Yer outta here, Anthony Peters! Now he's only fit to be a judge in Florida.

[AP. Photo: Mike Burton/ Flickr]