In your soggy Wednesday media column: More Reuters poaching, a PR liar called out, America's Most Wanted returns, ad spending forecasts decline, and Felix Salmon does more stuff, somehow.

  • Alix Freedman, the page one editor at the WSJ, is leaving to become Ethics and Standards editor at Reuters. The same place that got Jack Shafer yesterday! They are sucking up quality journalists, editors, and columnists left and right! All of whom will disappear into the maw of Reuters' site, never to be seen again. Except on the Twitter.
  • The Memphis Commercial Appeal took the extraordinary (but should not be extraordinary) step of pointing out that a PR person lied to it—Lori Willis, head of communications for Schnucks grocery stores, told the paper outright that the company was not going to be sold, just days before it was sold. Her penance: being cursed forever with the title of "Schnucks spokesperson."
  • America's Most Wanted was cancelled by Fox in May, but it's been picked up by Lifetime. Now you can watch America's Most Wanted episodes, on the Lifetime network. Sounds like something you'd like to do.
  • Henry Blodget says that media analysts are cutting their ad spending forecasts, thanks to the shitty economy. Remember how fun 2009 was, media employees? You'll get to relive it soon! Or should we say re-die it? Haha, funny.
  • Have you been reading Felix Salmon's new "Buzzfeed for Finance" blog, Counterparties? (At Reuters, natch.) All links! All Felix Salmon! All the time! Does Felix Salmon ever sleep? Jesus Christ. You think we're being funny? We're worried, Felix.

[Photo: AP]