On Saturday, August 27 Forbes writer Brian Capozzi stared furtively into his computer's screen. "This is a test... Do not publish," he typed. He typed it again and again. He typed it until the page was full, and then he set it to "preview," and then— Oh no. Oh fuck. Oh no no no no no no FUCK.

Wait, no, not the automated syndication on Yahoo! Nooooooooo FUCK.

Judge not Brian Capozzi. He knew not what he did. His is an error that could strike anyone, at any time, on any internet media platform. In this case, it was on Forbes.com (cache here) and syndicated (automatically?) onto Yahoo.com (still live). We should actually be grateful that this happened. We needed someone to break the "This is a test... Do not publish" ice. Look, it happened, and the world didn't end! It's almost poetic, like reading the internal monologue of a crappy computer. Stupid computer, can't you read? I said "do not publish." [Yahoo via]