The next time you frequent an exotic cabaret, you may want to insist your evening's entertainment produce an official stripper's license — for there are impostors afoot! Such was the case at Baby Dolls, a fine gentlemen's establishment in Clearwater, Florida, where 25-year-old Natalie M. Behnke — described by the St. Petersburg Times as a "local transient" and "habitual juvenile offender" — was arrested on Tuesday night after putting on an unsolicited show of her own.

Behnke arrived shortly after 11:00 p.m. and proceeded to take off her clothes and solicit money from customers. After staff demanded that she unhand the pole and leave, Behnke reportedly "tried to pick a fight" with the club's real dancers. She was then ejected from the club and arrested shortly after on a charge of disorderly intoxication. Behnke pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor and was fined $450.

"Give it up for Natalie, fellas. The lovely Natalie. There are three things about Natalie that aren't real — but that doesn't mean she won't show you a real good time. Perhaps you'd like to take Natalie to the champagne room at a deep discount while we wait for the cops to show up..."
- Overzealous Baby Dolls D.J.

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