This former American Idol hates his complexion. This supposedly sober famous father was drinking again, and a race car driver and a pro wrestler are having an affair. Wow, that last one is really going to rock a certain segment of the population.

1. "What popular American Idol finalist has a major complex over his acne-scarred complexion? The flamboyant singer, who regularly undergoes hour-long makeup overhauls, is currently consulting with plastic surgeons to cover up his facial flaws." [Blind Gossip]

2. "Last Friday, this tool of a father who happens to have some celebrity offspring and I use the term celebrity very lightly. I mean, if you don't act for a few years then you lose the right to call yourself an actor/actress? Drop down to a celebrity? Anyway, the dad, supposedly sober to the world was sucking down booze poolside at a hotel. Oh, and what was his offspring hoovering up at Chateau Marmont one night earlier?" [CDaN]

3. "This American Legend in the racing world has allegedly been seeing someone other than his wife for a long time. He's been sleeping with a professional wrestler that he me at an event several years ago." [BuzzFoto]