Oh, Ireland, the land of my forefathers, interoffice harassment, and women who die after having sex with dogs. The latest news is that the government will pay real money to learn how to stick fake jewels on lady's naughty bits.

Gripped with high unemployment (especially among young men) the Irish government came up with JobBridge, the "National Internship Scheme." That is its real name. It is an actual scheme! The government pays unemployed people $70 a week (on top of their unemployment benefits) to take an "internship" at a business. Since companies pay nothing for the extra "interns" they're using them as a sort of slave labor and taking on new employees at no cost.

The Irish Journal uncovered this lovely JobBridge advert (that's what they call them over there) where a beauty salon is looking for an "intern" who will learn, among other skills, vajazzling. Well, the don't call it the Emerald Isle for nothing!

We're not going to tell the Irish government how to use its funds, but no one, anywhere, should learn how to vajazzle, and they certainly shouldn't be paid for it! This is basically some sort of international human rights violation, right?

[Image via Shutterstock]