Rep. Michele Bachmann was unusually silent and uncared-about during last night's debate, in the latest sign that Rick Perry has completely eaten her lunch and all that's left for her campaign is a tragicomic, Norma Desmond-esque flameout. What can she do? Perhaps call a news conference to rebut Obama's speech tonight! Someone's got to do it. (Not really.)

Last time Michele Bachmann took the onus upon herself to offer a rebuttal to President Obama's State of the Union — even though the official response had already been granted to that nice young accountant from down the street, Rep. Paul Ryan — she couldn't look straight into the camera. America had a laugh, and then it was over. How will she fare this time around?

Bachmann's remarks are scheduled for 8:30 p.m. in a House television studio, but will be timed to follow Obama, who is expected to propose about $300 billion in measures to bolster hiring in what the administration has dubbed the "American Jobs Act."

There is no formal Republican response to Obama's speech, a void Bachmann appears poised to fill as she works to keep her name in the national discussion.

Wait, what time does the football game start? Oh look, it's at 8:30 too! So... yeah. The NFL will just have to delay kickoff, there's no way around this.

[Image via AP]