25-year-old Brian McCarthy of McLean, Virginia won $107 million in July's Mega Millions lottery. A tipster points out, and public records confirm, that he happens to be the son of Marriott, Inc. Group President Robert J. McCarthy, who earned $1.2 million in 2009.

Brian bought the winning ticket on a whim while he was withdrawing money from an ATM at the grocery store. After winning, called up his grandma after learning on Facebook that he'd won the prize and she replied, "You deserve it. Can I make you a grilled cheese sandwich?" Aww. Brian's taking a single payment of $68.4 million, which he said he'll be using to take a trip to buy a BMW M3 and go on a golf trip to Ireland.

Congratulations to all of the McCarthy's, for your soul-crushingly good luck! Meanwhile, an Ohio guy is suing his coworkers at the Kraftwork factory because he claims they cut him out of their $99 million-winning lottery pool. Poor people can't get a break even in a game of random chance. [Powerball.com]