Happy Fashion Week, folks! If you won't be attending Fashion's Night Out tonight, why not attend Fashion's Night In with us instead? We're live-blogging tonight's episode of Project Runway in the comments, and you're invited!

Here's how Fashion's Night In works: We wear whatever the hell we want, laze in front of our televisions, and post comments together about tonight's episode (which starts at 9 pm Eastern on Lifetime). We buy nothing, go nowhere, and see no celebrities who aren't on our TV screens. Sound like a great time? I think so too!

Speaking of Fashion Week: that event will play host to the Project Runway Finalists Show tomorrow morning-an event we won't see on the air for another six weeks at least, when this season's final episode airs. If they follow the practice of recent seasons, all nine designers left after tonight's episode will present collections tomorrow, five or six of which will be "decoy collections" from designers who didn't actually make the final cut. So we'll soon be able to peruse pictures of these collections online and guess which were made by the real finalists, which is always a fun game. Around this time last year, I recall looking at photos of Mondo's collection and picking it as the winner. Who could have guessed back then that bitchy brass-knuckle designer Gretchen would actually come out on top? Ah, memories …

And speaking of memories, here are a few of my own from our last live blog:

  • When Olivier started gluing fabric onto his model's boobs, Sir Winston Thriller quipped: "Thank God he didn't find that soldering iron that was on the Piperlime wall."
  • As Tim Gun frolicked with Swatch the dog at Mood, commenter Morgenmuffel predicted that the Internet would soon treat us to "a new Tim-chases-Swatch gif." And the Internet delivered!
  • The live-blogging crew identified several new cards played on top of Anthony's original I-have-testicular-cancer card, including Bert's I'm-an-AIDS-widow cared and Josh M.'s my-mom-died-of-cancer card. If this keeps up, we'll have more cards to count than a blackjack hustler!
  • When Heidi said "you are out" to Josh C. for the second time this season, several commenters noted that this was ironic given that he'd never outed himself. Anyway, in Josh's memory, here's one last look at his closet, since it's a place he seems to like to hang around.

Here are some more highlights from last week. And here are some highlights to watch for on tonight's episode, based on a few Lifetime-supplied excerpts I viewed:

  • It's gonna be a YATC episode—as in "Yet Another Team Challenge." Let's hope it's the last one this season, since the YATC thing is getting old. Down with YATC! Long live rugged individualism!
  • The two teams will have to create five-look collections and produce their own runway shows, complete with music and an original video. The team with Anya on it will have an advantage on that last point, since video-making is right up her alley.
  • One team will brainstorm as follows: "Something circusy and carnivalish … I'm thinking ‘sea amoeba' … something gritty … five female versions of the Village People." This sounds like the worst brainstorming session in the history of brainstorming sessions.
  • The two guest judges—the lovely fashion designer Rachel Roy, and the lovely actress Rose Byrne—will hold a contest to see who can be the best lovely guest judge, and will probably end up in a tie.
  • Kooky Betsy Johnson will also put in an appearance—and who doesn't love a little Kooky Betsy? Not me! I can't get enough Kooky Betsy. The Kookier and Betsier the better, I say.

OK, it's almost time for Fashion's Night In to get started, so you might want to run get some of your live-blogging accessories (e.g., drinks) in order. I'll see you down in the comments!