Yikes. A sad, strange story today from El Paso. El Paso exists! That's the sad, strange story. No, no, just kidding. The story is that a female tiger at the El Paso Zoo killed her mate for some reason.

From the El Paso Times:

Seri, a female Malayan tiger, killed her mate, Wzui, at about 4 p.m. in the zoo exhibit. Officials said the tigers had been observed playing and being affectionate while on exhibit Thursday morning prior to the killing.

Gah. The really sad thing here is that Wzui had been brought to the zoo in the hopes that he might breed with Seri, thus creating at least one more member of a seriously endangered species. But instead Seri killed the poor guy for god knows what reason. Talk about a bad breakup! (Sorry.)

But seriously guys, this tiger on tiger violence has got to stop.

[El Paso Times; image of the late Wzui via AP]