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The Mayor of 9/11, Rudy Giuliani, made a stop on The View this morning during his 10-year-anniversary media tour, where he considered a common hypothetical: Would America be "ready" for another 9/11, in the sense that we'd put politics aside and unite as a country again? He thinks we would, and that we'd all forget about terrible budget battles and whatever else we'd be bickering over. In that case, let's try it! No, that's probably the wrong takeaway.

But it's always an interesting way to think about the current state of politics. Would the country break free from its deep political divisions and unite around the president, or would the disaster just be blamed on Obama from the get-go? And is it even a good thing to have the country unite politically following a tragedy, when revenge is on the mind and worming its way through a fear-based bipartisan consensus? Maybe the most healthy way to deal with another 9/11, in the long-run, would be for partisans to act like bigger assholes than they were before. It's the sort of gridlock that can save a nation.